The CCP and The Uyghur Muslims

By Ethan Hay

Communist governments have always sought to have complete control of the flow of information, so as to preserve their legitimacy on the world stage, but there is ample reason to believe that they control the flow of information to ensure that the historical brutality of their regimes remains unknown.

That has been the case since the rise of Soviet Union, and it remains true today in the Peoples Republic of China. To this day, historians have had a hard time estimating the exact number of Chinese killed during the Chinese Civil war, which technically began in 1928 due to division between the Chinese Communist Party, led by Mao Zedong, and the Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party led by Chiang Kai-Shek, and a tenuous pause due to the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1937, and finally resuming the Civil War between the two parties in 1945, before finally concluding in 1949. While sources for an actual death count for the conflict are scarce and conflicting, one estimate runs to nearly seventeen million. Sadly, as is often the case with communist regimes, the CCP conducted a number of purges that have taken the lives millions, one of which the bloodiest was the Great Leap Forward and is described in the book Tombstone as being responsible for the death of a reported thirty-six million Chinese people. But the truly terrifying thing to consider is that no one historian, government or private agency, has been able to pin down a specific number.

But those horrors continue today in the form of the CCP run concentration camps that are housing more than a million Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province so called reeducation camps, even though the party denies the camps existence, insisting that they are schools dedicated to combating extremism, and to inspire loyalty to the party. These camps have been in existence since 2017, due to protests breaking out in the province, causing the Chinese government to crack down on the Uyghurs.  But leaked official papers that are being reported by the New York Times are showing that Chinese Premier Xi Jinping called for in private speeches to CCP leaders to show the Uyghurs ‘absolutely no mercy,’  and it appears as though the guards of the camps have taken that advice to heart, for there are accounts by former detainees, of women having been raped by guards, and of brutal acts of violence, especially against women , such as sticking a cattle prod into their genitalia.

On his last day as US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo declared that the Chinese government was committing a genocide and crimes against humanity against the Uyghurs and released an official State Department Statement condemning the camps, making America one of thirty-nine countries to condemn the horrors committed by the Chinese Communist Party. However, while the Biden administration has not retracted the condemnation, there is reason for concern as to how the administration will proceed in regards to international relation with the CCP in lieu of the Presidents son having close business connections to several high ranking Chinese government officials, and even the President himself potentially having a conflict of interest. Not to mention that instead of holding China to account he is seeking to pursue an attitude of ‘extreme competition,’ and that his foreign policy Asian Czar Kurt Campbell also has ties to Hunter Biden and the Chinese ‘F****** spy chief.’ Which begs the question; is the Biden administration in the pocket of the CCP? They certainly seem to be adopting an attitude that is becoming of a communist regime by seeking to crackdown on those of opposing viewpoint by labeling them as ‘extremist,’ and many of the current Presidents own party are calling for the removal of several high-profile politicians, all the while media companies are actively censoring several prominent conservatives, such as former President Donald J. Trump, saying that the reason for these measures is to combat extremism, and the most prominent of these companies is Apple and Amazon which shut down the free speech platform Parler. Communism is alive and well, and it is growing in popularity in America. But history has shown that communism has never worked, because it actively seeks to destroy freedom, and America is a nation built on freedom which has overcome challenges great and small, and we will not go quietly.