The Lincoln Project Collapse and The Third Party Option

By Ethan Hay

David Jolly is a former Republican member of the United States House of Representative from the state of Florida. From 2014 to 2017 he represented the states 13th district in congress until he was defeated by former Governor of the state, Charlie Crist. Today he is one of former President’s Donald J. Trumps most outspoken critics, and he is ‘seriously considering,’ a third party run for Governor of Florida. He is also the chairman of a new political party called the Serve America Movement, or SAM

Third parties have always been in existence in American politics, for instance there is the Green party, and the Libertarian party being the current largest third parties. However, they have yet to win anything other than one seat in the Wyoming state legislature, and as history has shown they serve as nothing more than major spoilers in political races, especially when it comes to the American Presidency. 

It happened in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt ran as a Progressive, against his former friend and Republican party incumbent President William Howard Taft, throwing the election to Democrat Woodrow Wilson, in 1924 when Republican incumbent Calvin Coolidge defeated Democrat John W. Davis, and Progressive Robert LaFollete, 1968 when Republican Richard Nixon defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and Independent American nominee George Wallace, and in 1980, although the third party candidate John B. Anderson probably would not have changed the outcome of the race between Republican Ronald Reagan, and Democrat Jimmy Carter. One of the more noticeable presidential races in which a third party candidate for president was the 1992 election between Republican President George H. W. Bush, Democrat nominee Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot, who took votes away from Bush, tossing the election to Clinton, and the same thing happened in 1996 when Clinton and Perot ran again, and Perot again took votes away from the Republican nominee Bob Dole, and then there was the 2000 election between Republican George W. Bush, and Democrat Al Gore, and while it appeared that he would not have an impact on the race Green party candidate Ralph Nader actually won nearly three million votes causing many people to label him as a spoiler, and for being responsible for Bush winning. Now these are all just Presidential elections, there have also been countless races at the state and local levels where a third party candidate typically has taken votes away from one major party and thrown to the other, or have won outright, such as Jesse Ventura who won the governorship as a Reform party nominee of Minnesota in 1998 for example.

Now in 2021, there have been several pushes for third parties. Originally by President Trump who due to frustration with the Republican party contemplated launching a third party, to be called the Patriot Party, which he and his team ultimately decided against. However, there have also been calls for a third party from Trump critics such as David Jolly, but also from the disgraced anti-Trump organization, the Lincoln Project, and other like-minded ilk. However, due to recent events, people are wondering whether or not a party that was founded explicitly to be anti-Trump could actually be of any value, especially due to the former Presidents high approval rating amongst Republicans. Plus, there is also the question whether or not a party founded by people like John Weaver would ever have any legitimacy in the eyes of the American people. But right now the Lincoln Project is in complete upheaval due to one of its cofounders, John Weaver, who is reportedly under investigation for having sexually assaulting fourteen men, including the grooming of a fourteen year old boy, which several of the co-founders have denied having any knowledge of, but one of the founders, Jennifer Horn, has said that she thought that some knew of the sexual harassment, but chose to keep it under wraps. That is only the tip of the iceberg, there are reports of people being afraid of speaking out due to the founders having a tendency to go ‘nuclear,’ funneling funds from the Lincoln Project to personal businesses or other groups, having a toxic work environment filled with sexist, and homophobic slurs. Of the eight founding members, only three remain connected to the PAC of which one has resigned from the board, and now George Conway and Jennifer Horn are calling for a complete investigation, and for staff to be released from non-disclosure agreements. They have no legitimacy, they have no integrity, they have no morality, and if a third party is to be founded by these degenerates, it would fail.