The Lady of the Border

By Ethan Hay

“When she speaks, she speaks for me, doesn’t have to check with me.”- President Joseph R. Biden II

Vice President Kamala Harris is a skilled political operator. Now why would one say that? Well, a quick dive into the political career of the first Asian American, and woman Vice President will shed some light on her political prowess. First of all, does the name of Willie Brown sound familiar? In California Democratic circles, this man is a political legend who served in the California state assembly for thirty years, serving as speaker of the California State Assembly for fifteen years, upon his retirement, he was elected Mayor of San Francisco,(1) and from 1994 to 1995 the 60 year old Brown was in a public relationship with a then 29 year old Kamala Harris, and when she ran for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, he supported her.(2)

How did she respond after he helped appoint her to two California political commissions, and helped launch her political career? She called him an “albatross hanging around my neck.”(3) Another thing to take into account is the fact that Willie Brown warned against then Senator Harris being selected by then Presidential candidate Joe Biden as his running mate.(4) Feeling concerned yet?

That is only her early political career. She was then elected Attorney General of California in 2010, after serving eight years as San Francisco District Attorney. What was her career like? Well she instituted the implicit bias training in California,(5) she actively sought to keep people in prison to serve as cheap labor, in spite of a federal judge order,(6) under her oversight, a law was passed in California where it became a crime if students missed more than 10% of school, then parents would be held responsible,(7) and when she was running for AG she actively opposed a proposition that would legalize the use of recreation marijuana (Proposition 19(8)) in California, but as former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard pointed out in a 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary debate, then Attorney General Harris jailed more than 1,500 offenders,(9)(10) and then she had the gall to talk about how she smoked marijuana whilst attending college(11). But wait! There’s more!

When she was running for president in 2020, that is before dropping out before a single primary had taken place,(12) she essentially called her future running mate Joe Biden a racist for supporting segregated busing, his collaboration with old segregationist senators like James Eastwood,(13) and even supported Tara Reade(14) and Lucy Flores (15) when they accused then Senator Biden of having sexually assaulted them. And in spite of all that, Joe Biden chose her to be his running mate(16), and has placed her in charge of the border.(17) Starting to get nervous?

As the Biden team continues to downplay just how bad the situation at the border is, by continuing to refuse to call it a crisis, limited transparency, just ask Texas Senator Ted Cruz who was trying to bring light to the situation at the border by taking a video with his phone, only to be impeded by a staffer at the facility who literally stood in his way,(18) and placing a gag order on Customs and Border Patrol Agents.(19) Not to mention that the President is not helping the situation by saying in a recent press conference that he was “flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy.”(20)

Furthermore, Vice President Harris still has not been down to the border since taking office and being named border czar, despite calls from Texas Governor Greg Abbot,(21) she actually seems to be hiding from the press,(22) and trying desperately to distance herself from the handling of the border, even having a White House aide Symone Sanders saying the “vice president is not doing the border,” instead that she would be reaching out to the leaders of the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. But she still hasn’t planned for a tour of the border, leading Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to say, “at no point in her career has [Harris] given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat. If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously, he’s really done the exact opposite.” (23)

But honestly, what were people expecting of a selfish, backstabbing, power-hungry, ambitious, and opportunistic political operative? Her whole life has been devoted to her gaining one office after another, until she is at the very top, without caring about who or what she destroys in the process, just as long as she came out on top. She is in this game for one reason, and one reason alone: Herself. But, there is a growing sense that the American people are waking up to the corruption in high places, and they are ready to fight back.