The Cesspool That Is New York: Sexual Abuse, Death and Medical Jim Crow


Written and Narrated by Ethan Hay

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These immortal words were uttered long ago by one of the greatest conservative political philosophers, Lord Acton. (1) Sadly, recent events have proven Lord Acton to be right. Here in America and around the world we are seeing the media and political elite getting away with, or at the very least surviving a great deal longer than if they were not in the public eye.

Nowhere is this made more clear than in the 165 page report (2) that is the product of an investigation conducted by New York State’s Attorney General, Letitia James. (3) This report outlines the sexual abuse of at least half a dozen women by the hands of a political rival and current Governor of the state, the Democratic party’s golden boy, Andrew Cuomo. (4) While the AG has not recommended prosecution against Cuomo, (5) a former aide has filed a complaint against him with Albany County Sherriff’s department, alleging that he groped her. Cuomo at first remained defiant, saying that the report is filled with ‘politics and bias,’ (6) and refused to resign. He was actually raising money as he prepared to run for a fourth term, raising one million (7) dollars back in July, and reporting a war chest of $18.5 (8) million on hand. However, the main platform that the democratic party has used for fundraising, ActBlue, (9) has booted the Cuomo campaign from its platform.

Not to mention that the head of his party, former Vice President Joe Biden, (10) as well as other party bigwigs are calling for him to resign, upon the release of the report. Then there was the potential impeachment that the Democrat controlled New York State Assembly was considering, an investigation, (11) which is getting close to finishing, was launched back in March of 2021, despite these allegations (12) coming forward in December of 2020. On August 9th, Cuomo presented a deal to the state legislature that if they wouldn’t impeach him, he would never run for political office again. (13) But the game was changed on August 10th, when Cuomo announced that he would resign in fourteen days. (14)

The real kicker is that as bad as Cuomo’s behavior is, it’s unacceptable, full stop, as bad as it is, the man is being impeached for just that. Bad behavior. He is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Now, credit where credit is due, the Assembly’s impeachment inquiry does include Cuomo’s mishandling of COVID-19. Under his watch, New York State lost, according to the New York Times, 53,346 (15) people. It averages 276 deaths per 100,000, (16) only slightly behind New Jersey, which averages 300 deaths per 100,000. How did he do that, you ask? Well, in the most basic of explanations, he placed 4,500 (17) elderly people, a population that is the most vulnerable, into nursing homes, resulting in 6,000 deaths being reported, and it only gets worse. He then had the audacity to underreport the deaths (18) that were taking place by nearly, or equal to, 50%. Cuomo, being the political animal that he is, proceeded to then delay the release (19) of any COVID-19 data, in order to prevent any of his political rivals gaining an advantage.

As if things in New York State weren’t bad enough, New York City’s Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, is making things even worse for what was once a great city. Mayor DeBlasio, who was caught on air quoting one of the iconic figures in the communist movement, Karl Marx, (20) is seeking to destroy the lives of the average New Yorker. He is mandating (21) that people get the so-called “vaccine,” and if the people of NYC don’t get it, they will be denied entry into restaurants, gyms, and entertainment centers. While the 2021 GOP mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa, (22) decried the mandate, the Democratic nominee, Eric Adams, (23) called it a step in the “right direction.” (24) Ironically, this would heavily affect minority (25) communities, who remain largely skeptical when it comes to the receiving of the “vaccine.”

The party that claims to be pro-women, pro-minority, and anti-discrimination is proving to be nothing more than a group of hypocrites. This is being exemplified by Cuomo’s mistreatment of women, and his complete lack of care for the lives of the people who elected him. It is shown by the complete disregard that Bill DeBlasio has for the everyday life of the people who live in his city. The mandate is nothing more than medical Jim Crow, and the fact that Cuomo has gotten away with his handling of COVID is unacceptable. We must stand up and resist the tyrants that masquerade under the guise of democracy. We are Americans, and we must fight to get our freedoms back!