SCOTUS Has Made Their Decision, So What Comes Next?

By Danita Knickerbocker

You may be asking yourself why the SCOTUS decided not to hear any of the cases docketed that involved election fraud and/or election procedure violations during the 2020 general election. There could be a hundred reasons, but remembering the devil we are dealing with may help you come to your own conclusion. Thinking back to August of 2020 you may remember a tragic shooting that took place just days after the U.S. District Federal Judge, Esther Salas, was assigned a case involving the investigation of Deutsche Bank – which could potentially reveal all clients of Jeffery Epstein. Judge Salas1 was in her home’s basement when she heard gunshots coming from upstairs. When she reached the top of the stairs, she realized that her husband and son had both been shot by a male dressed as a FedEx delivery man. Her son was dead and her husband, badly wounded, was sent to recover in the ICU. This is not the first time in history when judiciary officials have had intimidation tactics used against them, whether it is blackmail, death threats, actual attempted murder of their family members, etc.

During the election fraud video “Absolute Proof”, created and released2 by Mike Lindell, Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron (a cyber and political-warfare specialist) mentioned:

“It is very frustrating how everyone says, “Well there were all these court cases and all the court cases were lost.” Well, that’s a lie. We have statistics on how many court cases were opened, how many were dismissed for standing or procedural inconsistencies, but there are only two cases, to my knowledge, one in Michigan and one in Georgia, where any evidence has actually been heard.” 

When looking at the past and present evidence of voter fraud, you might come to wonder if maybe these types of intimidation tactics were used on members of the Supreme Court of The United States. Or if there are some justices on the SCOTUS that are simply corrupt and wish to keep all the evidence buried for fear of what might come to light along with it.

In the dissent on the SCOTUS’s decision was Justice Clarence3 Thomas, who wrote:

“Changing the rules in the middle of the game is bad enough. Such rule changes by officials who may lack authority to do so is even worse. When those changes alter election results, they can severely damage the electoral system on which our self-governance so heavily depends. If state officials have the authority they have claimed, we need to make it clear. If not, we need to put an end to this practice now before the consequences become catastrophic. One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent.”

How can we have self-governance if we do not have trust in our election process? Are we, as Americans, going to continue to sit idly by as our country is turned into a nation that looks less like freedom and liberty, and more like communist China or Venezuela? What are the next steps when all branches of government have seemingly failed to root out this essential issue of fraud in our elections?

Along with Florida’s governor, Governor Ron DeSantis7 when stating that, “The military is the only way forward,” some believe the next steps might look similar to what is happening in Myanmar. Where the Myanmar military has taken over5 the government and they are arresting public/government officials in their pursuit to have trust and confidence that there was no fraud in their recent November 2020 election. Dave Hodges, host4 of The Common Sense Show, states:

The newly elected government was accused of manipulating voter lists and other voter irregularities in this November election…the new regime, just like Biden, was selected because they had promised to allow China free access through Myanmar to the open waters off of its coast. This would provide the Chinese Navy with flanking capabilities to American naval forces in the South China Sea. And isn’t it interesting that the military remains in charge in DC. Our military knows that Biden is complicit with China. This is why the US military has not completed the transition of civilian authority over the military from Trump to Biden. The military of the US, the same as the military of Myanmar knows that the newly selected leadership is complicit and is in bed with the Chinese.”

Most leaders on the world stage at the moment, are condemning this “military coup” and calling for intervention. Which begs the question, how many government officials around the world are in bed with China? How many world leaders know of and possibly even participate in, the fraudulent selection, rather than election, of democratic leaders around the world?

According to the Myanmar Times newspaper, the Myanmar military has released statements6 of when they will reveal all irregularities of the 2020 election. They have also stated that they will be holding a new election where only military members will count votes and that every citizen must vote in person with identification in hand. The hope is that this will provide trust in the process and confidence in the results. Myanmar’s military will then turn over the government to the rightful winner.

If the Myanmar military can successfully restore confidence in their country’s election process, we can surely do so in the United States of America. We must always remember that those elected are public servants to the governed. We are the governed. It is our right and it is our duty to keep our elections free and trustworthy. We are charged with holding our elected officials accountable. We have an obligation to past, present and future generations, to retain the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon us by the Almighty God through the US Constitution.