Populist Uprisings All Over The Country

By Ethan Hay

May 1st, 2021, Truth Matters had the opportunity to attend the Utah 2021 GOP state convention. It was at this convention that Senator Mitt Romney and Governor Spencer Cox were booed and heckled, the latter was booed for nearly two whole minutes. (1) (2) There was also a resolution to censure the Senator, but that was defeated by a vote of 798-711. (3) The real story coming out of the convention however was the election of new state party leadership. Governor Cox, and many other state leaders, had endorsed a slate of candidates for state Republican party leadership, such as state Chair, and Vice Chair, Secretary. (4) With the exception of the incumbent Treasurer, Mike Bird, an entirely new party leadership was voted in, and the candidates endorsed by Governor Cox were defeated by a significant margin. (5)

As was previously said, the Utah GOP is one of the most mainstream Republican state parties in the country. So much so, that many of the elected officials in the state refused to embrace former President Trump, especially Senator Romney, who voted for impeachment twice. (6) (7) While this appears to be coming back to bite the failed senatorial candidate, (8) and former Governor from Massachusetts, (9) a failed two time presidential candidate, (10) (11) and now Senator of Utah, one could say that this is only the beginning. Across the nation, the American people are pushing back against rogue government and party officials exerting far too much power, especially at the local level, where they use either COVID -19 or racism as an excuse. 

In Granite, Utah, at a school district meeting, concerned parents confronted the school board, demanding that the district lift the mask mandate. A state senator was allowed to speak, but she was drowned out as parents began calling out for masks to be removed. In response the board adjourned, causing a parent to yell “you let a senator come up here and speak in the name of my children who you guys are abusing? Are you serious?” (12)

Another example of citizens pushing back took place in the school district of Vail, Arizona. Concerned parents opposed to the mask mandates put in place by the school district, attended a board meeting and demanded why the mandate remained in place, when the Governor of the state had lifted the mandate. (13) The incumbent school board abandoned the meeting, refusing to engage the parents and students. How did the parents respond? They voted in a new school board. (14) However the legality of that election has come into question, and the mandate remains in place.

In Texas, there was an election to fill two vacancies for the Carroll Independent School District. The reason why this is significant is that two of the candidates supported critical race theory, while two others openly spoke out against it. The two opposed to critical race theory were elected by nearly 70%. (15) In spring of this year, and in the Loudon County Public Schools district (16) in Virginia, parents and some teachers also spoke out against the teaching of CRT. (17) The parents have started a political election committee to oust school board members who support CRT, all the while a school advisory board suggested that teachers who spoke out against the so called ‘equity training,’ that teachers are required to take part in. (18)

In South Carolina, the incumbent GOP chairman Drew McKissick is in a contentious reelection campaign against pro-Trump candidate and famed defamation lawyer L. Lin Wood. (19) And again in Texas, a special election to fill the 6th congressional district seat took place to name a successor to the deceased Ron Wright. (20) There is two be a runoff election between two Republican candidates, the deceased congressman’s wife, Susan Wright, (21) and Texas State Representative Jake Ellzey. (22) The Democratic party candidates were completely shut out. (23) Speaking of congress, strength is growing amongst the congressional GOP to remove the incumbent House Republican Conference Chair, Liz Cheney, and to replace her with Elise Stefanik. This move is being done thanks to Cheney’s odd obsession with former President Donald J. Trump, who she voted to impeach in 2021. Her actions have been divisive and distracting from the task of regaining the house in 2022, and as of May 6th Representative Jim Jordan said that the votes were there to replace the Wyoming congresswoman. (24)

It appears that conservatives are done with Marshmallow Republicans, and the people of this country are done with living in fear, as well as allowing this country to be destroyed because of a dying mainstream media that props up and continues to give support to the idea of racism. They want their lives, their country, and their freedoms back.


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