Longing for Liberty: A Canadians Plea

Longing for liberty

Written By SeSe

I am Canadian. The latest relatives to come across the pond was in 1912, but our family tree here on the European side goes back to the 1600’s. The native side? Who knows?

Suffice it to say, I have deep roots in North America. I’m proud to be from here. We have definitely made our fair share of mistakes over the centuries, but who hasn’t? One thing is common throughout the whole earth. All human beings have had societal issues. There is no place that has been free of pain, or fighting for power.

I have come to appreciate more and more as I get older that my roots here are because the ancestors, both native and non – native, came to get away from oppression and bondage.

I really thought we would keep this tradition alive. I would have bet money that all people here would continue to fight for freedom. I expected that there would always be some who didn’t want freedom, but overall, we all came here to have a better life.

Until this last year those were my thoughts. I have been so wrong.

I did expect that we may not always be able to travel so freely, but I didn’t think it would be because of a vaccine passport.

I’m not attaching my name to this article because I’m starting to fear being able to support my family. You see, I have kids. My oath has been to always provide for them. Times have been incredibly tough for many reasons but I’m thankful that I manage to keep getting up and continuing on. I have been close to bankruptcy and have managed to stay apart.

When I take something on, I do everything I can to fulfill my part.

Back to this weird time we live in. I’m not vaccinated as you may have guessed. I’m an essential worker but so far I have been able to avoid the jab. I’m not anti – vaccine at all. I am against being a lab rat.

This is what troubles me. The pressure has been enormous. So many people that I have respected and held in high regard for their intelligence are now saying that I’m ignorant. That I’m trying to kill them.

I’ve never considered myself a genius but I love asking questions. Don’t tell me “that’s how we’ve always done it,” or because “xyz says so, so it must be true.”

I can’t ask questions publicly anymore. Just swallow what they’re selling.

I am a student of history. This has so many parallels to every nasty, regime, dictatorship that’s it is scary. In Canada I have asked since I was young… why didn’t anyone speak up against the residential schools? There MUST have been some who thought that this isn’t right. There MUST  have been Germans who saw and knew what was happening to the Jews.

I have justified the previous generations by saying that, they didn’t have access to information. That the censorship was so complete, and the punishment for speaking up, so harsh, that they were powerless.

Wrong again. There’s a willingness of people to follow the pack. We have the info these days. There is ample evidence that there’s something very wrong. There’s no secret about it. Australians are being told not to talk to neighbours. Our Prime Minister is advising others to spy on each other and report them.


People are willingly giving up their freedom! They’re happily turning in their neighbours!

People say to me that I’m ignorant, because how could all the governments be doing the same thing? Pay attention! They all meet and discuss all the time. Just like the monarchs of old, they are all connected.

Germans, French, and others in Europe are rising up against this. We need to do our part. We are here for freedom. Don’t give it away.

I’ll continue to find my way and hopefully we can come out of this mess. If not, it’s been an interesting ride and will see you on the other side.