A Repudiation of Tyranny: The People push back

The winning team

Written and Narrated by Ethan Hay

On November 2nd, 2021, across the country people pushed back against the radicalism that has been embraced by the likes of the Democratic party. They did this by voting in elections and a referendum that should be sending a clear message to the far left. The most significant of these elections took place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A Republican has not been elected to statewide office since 2009, resulting in the election of Bob McDonnell (1) as Governor, and Ken Cucinelli (2) as Attorney General. The incumbent Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling, (3) was also reelected in 2009. Furthermore, the state has voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate in the last four elections. In 2008 the commonwealth went to candidate Obama (4) by 6%. President Obama won that state (5) again in 2012 by a little less than 4%. Hillary Clinton (6) won it in 2016 by about 5%. Former Vice President Biden (7) won it by more than 10% in 2020. In 2013, the 2021 Democratic Gubernatorial nominee and Clinton confidante, Terry McAuliffe, (8) was elected Governor, beating Ken Cucinelli. Then in 2017, Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, (9) was elected Governor, beating former RNC Chairman, Ed Gillepsie, by more than 8 points. he would become famous for dressing in blackface, (10) and advocating for up to birth abortion. (11) Then there is the fact that in 2019 the Democrats took control of the House of Delegates (12) by winning 55 of the 100 seats. And, both Senators, Mark Warner, (13) and Tim Kaine, (14) are Democrats. There was plenty of reason to believe that the trend would continue.

That trend was broken when businessman Glenn Youngkin (15) was elected Governor, by defeating Terry McAuliffe who was seeking reelection to his Gubernatorial seat. Virginia Governors can only serve one consecutive (16) term. Winsome Sears (17) was elected Lieutenant Governor, and Jason Miyares (18) defeated two term incumbent, Mark Herring, (19) to be elected Attorney General. Sears is the first black woman to be elected to statewide office in Virginia, and Miyares is the first Cuban American to be elected as the states Attorney General. Republicans also won control of the House of Delegates, (20) by regaining seven seats, bringing their total up to 52 of 100 seats.

While Virginia was the story that captured the attention of the country on election night, it was not the only event of significance. For instance, there was also a gubernatorial election taking place in New Jersey. The incumbent, Democrat Phil Murphy, (21) was first elected (22) in 2017, succeeding two term Republican, Chris Christie. He won by more than 13% against then Republican Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadango. Murphy was expected to cruise to reelection, (23) instead the race between him and Republican nominee, Jack Ciattarelli, was so close that a recount (24) was expected. Ciattarelli (25) finally conceded on November 12 but has vowed that he will run again in 2025. Murphy’s election makes him the first incumbent Democratic governor to win reelection since 1977. Even if he does win, there is good news in the form of the second most powerful Democrat in the state being unseated. Democratic State Senate President, Steve Sweeney, (26) has been one of the most powerful political operators in the state, as is evidenced in his ten year reign as Senate president, the longest in the state’s history. But he was unseated by commercial truck driver and Republican, Edward Durr, (27) who spent $153 during a primary, he estimates spending less than $10,000 during the entire campaign. In contrast, Sweeney raised (28) a total of $2,747,480.81.

This was one of several unexpected election results. Another took place in the city of Seattle, where there was a City Attorney (29) election that resulted in Republican, Ann Davison, winning. In Buffalo, New York, four term incumbent Mayor, Byron Brown, (30) lost Democratic renomination to self-declared democratic-socialist, India Walton, (32) who had the support of AOC, Bernie Sanders, and even Chuck Schumer. So, he declared himself an independent, mounted a write-in campaign, and was reelected (33) by more than 17%. In Minneapolis, there was also a proposition to abolish the city’s police department. This proposition had the support of Ilhan Omar and was defeated (34) by more than 13%.

While this is great news, and much needed for conservatives, there is a question that remains: What now? How will both parties react? Well, the Democrats have appeared to double down on an embrace of radicalism. AOC (35) for instance, has said that the reason McAuliffe lost in Virginia is because he ran a ‘super moderated campaign.’ Phil Murphy(36) has said that he’s ‘not changing.’ Even former Vice President Biden (37) is refusing blame for being a puppet of farces that are actively seeking to destroy America. This should be a winning strategy for conservatives. If they were to focus on the culture wars that are taking place, and be the party of opposition, rather than merely being controlled opposition. Sadly, the Republican party is actively aiding the Democrats. 13 House Republicans helped see that the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure (38) bill passed. This gives the Democrats a desperately needed win.

With friends like these Republicans, who needs enemies? If Republicans truly wish to maintain power in America, they must engage in the culture war. Glenn Youngkin is proof of that necessity, and the success that comes by doing so. Furthermore, another issue is that conservatives cannot afford to be complacent. Complacency is what has allowed for RINO’s like Romney, Kinzinger, and Cheney to ascend. Conservatives must continue to push and fight, and as we do, more victories will come to fruition. More people will be awakened, and the cause of liberty will grow. The good news is that this is only the beginning of our battle.