Jan 6 Commission: A Committee of Tyrants and Jesters

Written and Narrated by Ethan Hay

After the failed attempt to create a 9/11 style commission to investigate the events of January 6th, Nancy Pelosi (1) vowed to create a House Select committee for that specific reason. On June 30th, a resolution passed the House of Representatives (2) by a vote of 222 for, and 190 against.  Sixteen Republicans abstained from the vote, while another two Republicans voted for the committee, (3) the infamous Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. 

The rules of the committee allows for the Speaker of the House to ‘appoint 13 Members to the Select Committee (4), 5 of whom shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.’ Speaker Pelosi announced her intention to name Liz Cheney (5) as one of her eight appointees. The other seven Democratic members are, Bennie Thompson (6) (MS-02), who is also serving as chairman, Zoe Lofgren (7) (CA-19), House Intelligence Committee (8) Chairman, Adam Schiff (9) (CA-28), Pete Aguilar, (10) (CA-31), Stephanie Murphy, (11) (FL-07), former impeachment manager Jamie Raskin, (12) (MD-08), and Elaine Luria, (13) (VA-07). However, when Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (14) presented his five appointees to the committee, two of them were rejected by Nancy Pelosi. When the two congressmen were rejected McCarthy withdrew (15) all his appointees in protest, saying ‘Republicans will not be party to their sham process.’ The two Republican appointees that were rejected were Jim Banks (IN-03), who would have also served as ranking member, (16) and Jim Jordan (17) (OH-04). The three that weren’t rejected were Rodney Davis (18) (IL-13), Kelly Armstrong (19) (ND-ALD), and Troy Nehls (20) (TX-22). After McCarthy withdrew his appointees, Pelosi appointed Republican Adam Kinzinger (21) (IL-16) to serve alongside Liz Cheney (22) (WY-ALD).

On July 27th, the United States Select Committee on the January 6th Attack held its first public meeting. During this hearing, Schiff and Kinzinger both gave Oscar worthy performances while pretending to cry (23) while listening to the testimony of four officers from the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. (24) One of the officers who testified was Daniel Hodges, (25) who says that he was crushed by the people he has labeled as ‘terrorists’ who broke into the Capitol building. Officer Michael Fanone said during his testimony that he was beaten by the protestors, which ultimately led to him having a heart attack. Harry Dunn, who is black, said that he was called racial slurs, while sergeant Aquilino Gonell said that he recalled thinking ‘this is how I’m going to die.’ (26) They all also called out the Republican congressmen who they claimed were dismissive of the seriousness of the situation.

Now, there appears to be a huge double standard here. While what happened during the breaking into the Capitol on January 6th was wrong, it is nowhere near as bad as what has happened across the country due to the Black Lives Matter incorporated riots of 2020. Reporting by Axios (27) says that the total amount of damage committed across the country could rack up to nearly $2 billion dollars. In contrast, the damage committed by the events of January 6th will cost only $1.5 million. (28) Again what happened on January 6th was horrible, but the bigger issue is being ignored. Furthermore, while BLM rioters literally burned the country, they were hailed as heroes, and were even bailed out by then Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris’s (29) staff, with her tweeting her support. On the other hand, those who were arrested for playing some role in 1/6 have been labeled as ‘terrorists,’ as was stated by one of the DC police officers who testified. As of July 6th, there have been five hundred, thirty-five people arrested by the Department of Justice. (30) There are also reports of the men and women who have been arrested (31) being treated poorly. Then there is the case of the people who are decrying the events of 1/6. For instance, the Capitol hill police officer Harry Dunn (32) in a tweet said ‘racism is so American, that when you protest it, people think that you are protesting America!’ As well as calling then President Trump as the ‘racist in chief’ in another tweet.

The American government and media are currently in the hands of wannabe tyrants. The good news is that across the country and around the world, people are fighting back. As a result, these so-called elites are seeking to maintain their power by creating and inducing fear. We cannot be intimidated or silenced. We must stand and fight against tyranny.


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