Courage and Cowardice: As Team Biden Stumbles, The Son of A True Leader Steps Up

Written and Narrated by Ethan Hay

“Been a tough day.” Those were the opening words of an official statement by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Tough is an understatement. On August 26th, 2021, there were two suicide bomber attacks outside of the Hamid Karzai International Airport, that resulted in the death of thirteen (1) American service members, and another eighteen being wounded. The oldest of those killed was thirty-one (2) years old. Not since the tragic events of Operation Red-Wing (3) in 2005, popularized in the book Lone Survivor, has there been such a loss of American life. At least sixty (4) Afghani’s have also died as a result of the cowardly attack. The group that claimed responsibility for this attack is an offshoot of the decimated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They call themselves ISIS-K, (5) the K stands for Khorasan, a region that is split between Iran and Afghanistan.

As one can imagine, the world was outraged by these depraved attacks. Former Vice President Biden (6) said that Americans ‘will not forgive.  We will not forget.  We will hunt you down and make you pay.’ But who believes the words of this man who is clearly in mental decline? Not the families of those who have died. In fact, one of the fathers of those who have fallen has come out swinging. Steve Nikoui said that he blamed the military leadership for the loss of his son Kareem, (7) and that ‘Biden turned his back on him.’ He’s not the only one who is frustrated with the ineptitude of this administration. Republican Congressman Peter Meijer (8) and Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton, (9) both veterans, took an unauthorized trip to Kabul to see the situation firsthand. The trip has been met with derision by the press and even Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Moulton (10) has called the situation ‘a total fucking disaster.’ However, the thing that is the most damning is the unrest that is occurring within the ranks of the military itself. This was perfectly exemplified in a video that was posted by a Marine Corp commander.

Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller posted a video that has gone viral. In this video he said that he has ‘been fighting for seventeen years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders: I demand accountability.’ Sadly, this hero was relieved of his command.

America is desperate for leaders taking ownership, something that Biden is incapable of doing. He tried to place the blame of the deaths of Americans on the deal that former President Donald J. Trump (11) had made with the Taliban. The difference is that the agreement expressly says that the Taliban (12) will not use any location to launch terrorist attacks against America. While this is a whole lot of negative information, there is some good news coming out of Afghanistan. Does the Northern Alliance sound familiar? It was a resistance group that fought against the Taliban when they came to power in the 90’s. (13) One of the most capable and charismatic leaders of the Northern Alliance was Ahmad Shah Massoud, (14) popularly referred to as the ‘Lion of Panjshir.’ He was considered someone that the country’s common citizenry could unify behind, a modern-day Saladin. Sadly, he was assassinated by al Qaeda (15) suicide bombers who were posing as journalists. But his son, Ahmad Massoud, has taken up the mantle of his father, and is leading a resistance against the tyrannical Taliban. The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, (16) has coalesced in the Panjshir province, and it reportedly has thousands of fighters.

The question as to whether the NRF can hold its own against a now heavily armed Taliban (17) remains to be seen, we must do what we can to support Afghani freedom fighters. But at least they have a leader who is at the very least unafraid to fight against evil. In comparison to America, where real leaders, like Lt. Colonel Scheller, are punished for stepping up and demanding more from their leaders. We must stand up and demand that our leaders be accountable for the incompetence that has led to Americans dying. We are Americans and we want our sacred honor, and our country back.



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