Chaos and Lies: Trouble at the Border

Written and Narrated By Ethan Hay

Despite Vice President Kamala Harris being responsible for overseeing the United States southwestern border, it continues to be a mess. Earlier last week, there was a disturbing image of what appeared to be US Customs and Border Protection agents whipping Haitian refugees while riding horses. Naturally, the response of the Biden administration, the mainstream media, and the ever-present race hustlers was one of outrage. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden (1) said that the images are ‘horrible,’ and that the agents who are accused of whipping the refugees ‘will pay.’ Current VP Harris (2) has said that the picture ‘evoked some of the worst moments of our history,’ expressly mentioning slavery. The incorruptible Democratic Congresswoman, Maxine Waters (3) of California’s 43rd district, has said that the images that were witnessed were ‘worse than slavery.’ (4) Really? Moving on, then the ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton (5) went down to Del Rio where there was a huge encampment (let’s call them ‘Bidenvilles’) of Haitian refugees. He was shouted down by some residents of Del Rio, who called him a ‘racist.’

The interesting thing about this is that the reporter who took the picture, Paul Ratje, (6) said that the image can be ‘misconstrued,’ and that he had never seen the Border Patrol ‘whip anyone.’ (7) Furthermore, the agents on horseback don’t even have whips. Rather, what was seen in in the pictures were split reins. (8) On Fox News’s Hannity, (9) a former instructor for the Border Patrol mounted division said that the agents was spinning the reins so as to ‘create distance’ between the horses and the refugees. Sadly, the agents in the picture have been put on administrative duty and are currently being investigated. (10) Also, the CBP’s mounted division has been suspended (11) for the time being.

The National Border Patrol Council, (12) the official union for the CBP, came out with a blistering statement in response to the administration’s reaction. On their official page, they called the recent comments by the Administration ‘ignorant and derogatory.’ They also said that the response of the Administration wasn’t surprising, especially ‘considering the Administration’s disdain for law enforcement and underlying desire to defund the police.’ 

While the government is lying and handicapping the Border Patrol’s ability to enforce the laws that make America a nation, there is a real problem on hand. In Del Rio, Texas alone , there were nearly thirty-thousand (13) Haitian immigrants camped out under the bridge near the port of entry. According to the Department of Homeland Security, (14) in August of 2020 there were 50,014 reported encounters on the Southwestern border. Now, compare those to the August numbers of 2021 (September numbers have not yet come out), there have been 208,887 on the Southwestern border. Another thing to look at is the total numbers for reported encounters of 2020 versus those of 2021. In 2020 there was a total 488,088. Then there is 2021, and keep in mind, the year hasn’t officially ended yet, but there have already been 1,541,651 reported crossings.

This all is occurring while the former Vice President sees a complete collapse in support, largely due to his Administration’s mishandling of Afghanistan. (15)  According to a Rasmussen’s (16) Daily Presidential Tracking poll, in which one-thousand, five-hundred people participated, former VP Biden has an approval rating of forty-two percent. Fifty-six percent of those who participated disapproved of his performance.

This Administration’s incompetence is unacceptable. It has resulted in the deaths of American service members, aerial strikes resulting in the deaths of innocent children, a complete disregard for law enforcement, all the while actively appearing to try and handicap law enforcement. The entire administration needs to be held accountable and resign.