Asian Hate Crimes And Spies

By Braden Stutz

A recent study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism revealed a ridiculous uprise of hate-crimes against Americans of Asian descent by 149%. And I call it ridiculous because that is what this situation is. Hate crimes against humanity are committed by ridiculous, ludicrous, and preposterous people and schemes. Now this raises a very important question(s) that must be asked. Who is targeting the asians? And what are the motives behind this sudden violence? 

Here’s a few potential causes that could’ve sparked this controversy. President Trump has routinely referred to the Coronavirus as the ‘China Virus,’ and some believe that while the former President intended simply to be politically incorrect, others are saying that these accusations have led to anti-asian hate crimes.  In New York, where the number of anti-Asian hate crimes jumped from three to 28, all but four were related to the coronavirus.

This isn’t an issue that is just happening in America. In fact it is happening all over the world. The rise in unfavorable views comes amid widespread criticism over how China has handled the pandemic is also a factor that has contributed to this issue.  

We also know that the Chinese Communist Party has a strong influence  here on American soil. In 2019, China invaded, and claimed Hong-Kong, which had previously been a Special Autonomous Region, quashing what little freedoms the residents of Hong Kong had. While this was taking place in August of 2019, I was on vacation with my parents and one of my siblings in New York City. While we were in Chinatown, we had went and grabbed desert in a nearby ice cream store on a busy intersection. As we were leaving, there was a huge protest happening outside. On one side of the street there were about 300 people dressed in red, waving the Chinese flag, and all of them were chanting in unison something in Mandarin, while raising their fists in the air. They got louder as the time kept passing. On the other side, there were people dressed in all black and wearing face coverings like Antifa.  While my sister and mother left to go see the 9/11 memorial, my father and I went into the protest,  and we walked through the red side. 

We asked a photographer what’s going on, and he said “the protest is over Hong Kong. The people here on our side (red, 300) are saying that Hong Kong needs to bow down to China and the people on the other side of the street are protesting China claiming Hong Kong.” Yes, we were surrounded by 300 chinese communists at that intersection. 

We now also know that China has been committing crimes against humanity  against Muslims, Bhuddists, and Christians, and the Western world has been absolutely disgusted by  the disgusting acts orchestrated by the Chinese government, and how they have been addressing these issues. Furthermore, even in the United States, China has been actively targeting dissidents. For example; in Midland, Texas a Christian Pastor named Bob Fu  has been targeted and harassed by protesters claiming that he is a “CCP Spy”. 

Olivia Munn, an Asian American Actress has gone to social media to spread the awareness of what has been happening and that the media has not been covering this story. After a whole summer of protests, riots, and unrest over the death of George Floyd and racism, the attacks and rising hate of asians has not been nearly as emphasized as the Black Lives Matter movement. 

We don’t know exactly what the cause is for this violence. It could be traps set up by the CCP, it could be racists enabled by the coronavirus outbreak, it could be anything really. We don’t know and we have to wait for more information to come forward. 

In the meantime, if you want to support Asians or report any incident, any suspicion, anything that endangers another human being, report it. 

Also, feel free to give support through the stop Asian American Pacific Islander website.