The Story of TruthMatters

Mission Statement
Truth Matters mission is to spread truth to every heart and mind, in every home and country, thereby restoring journalistic integrity.

Truth Matters vision is to dispel fear, inspire souls, and to advocate for freedom.

Truth Matters was founded in 2021, but it began as an idea to combat the far left by exposing the media’s hypocrisy by presenting as much data and information as possible, and returning to the standard of honest journalism. The love of freedom, integrity, and a desire to see a change occur within the news media brought together and drove Danita Knickerbocker, Courtenay Turner, and Ethan Hay to build Truth Matters.

About Courtenay Turner

Co-founder of, host of the Courtenay Turner Podcast, Founder & host of WIM: what is movement, movement enthusiast, Motivational Speaker, Congenital Rubella Survivor/Warrior, 🇺🇸Patriot. Her writing and videos have been published in the Daily Wire, Gateway Pundit, Politichicks, the Hollywood Conservative, and Truth Matters.

About Ethan Hay

Navy veteran, who is one of the cofounders of Truth Matters, he is an author, a college student at UVU who is studying communications with the intention of becoming a journalist.

About Danita Knickerbocker

Co-founder of Truth Matters. She served 4 years in the US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, graduating with military honors. She finished college with a bachelors of science in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement. Danita currently works for the US Department of Homeland Security.