May 1st, 2021. Truth Matters had the opportunity to attend the Utah 2021 GOP state convention. It was at this convention that Senator Mitt Romney and Governor Spencer Cox were booed and heckled, the latter was booed for nearly two whole minutes. (1) (2) There was also a resolution to censure the Senator, but that was defeated by a vote of 798-711. (3) The real story coming out of the convention however was the election of new state party leadership.
The indispensable necessity of complete authority at the seat of government, carries its own evidence with it. It is a power exercised by every legislature of the Union, I might say of the world, by virtue of its general supremacy. Without it, not only the public authority might be insulted and its proceedings interrupted with impunity; but a dependence of the members of the general government on the State comprehending the seat of the government, for protection in the exercise
Where are the social justice warriors’ outrage, over disabilities’ rights? I personally haven’t seen any rush to my defense as the ADA was trodden by the mask mandates in the name of “safety” from a virus with nearly 100% survival rate. (1) While it’s not clear to me why it is required, or even suggested that healthy people wear facemasks to avoid a virus with such a high survival rate, I’m flummoxed at the notion of mandating something that is
"The US is the embodiment of evil, then they complain why we chant 'Death to America. As long as America continues its wickedness, the Iranian nation will not abandon 'Death to America.”-Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran. (1) In 1979 there was an overthrow of the Iranian Shah, Reza Ali Pahlavi. The overthrow is officially called the Islamic Revolution, was led by Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, an exiled Islamic scholar who would become known to the world as Ayatollah
During the April 15, 2021, Congressional Hearing on Reopening America from COVID-19, Representative Scalise starts the hearing with some very powerful opening statements: “Dr. Fauci, the question I get asked the most these days, is pretty simple; “If I got the vaccine, why can’t I resume my normal activities, why can’t my children go back to school, and why can’t I go to a restaurant with my friends again?” Neither the CDC, nor NIH, nor the White House have provided
If you’re anything like me, prior to any major, potentially life altering decision you seek as much information possible to best adjudicate the risks vs rewards. Americans like to exclaim “my body my choice”, and while I fully echo that sentiment, I wonder how well equipped we are to handle some of the most precarious medical dilemmas. I embarked in my research concerning the various experimental, prophylactic pharmaceuticals currently available, in the hopes of finding clear concise delineations between risks,
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